The market demands firm quality guarantees. We can give you those guarantees. Our certifications (in particular our welding certifications Din 2303, ISO 3834, EN15085 and EN1090) that we have been able to acquire as one of a select few companies in the Netherlands serve as proof. We can also fulfil the requirements of the ASME American welding standard. You can read (and download) information about our different certifications elsewhere on this site. Any further questions about quality matters are handled at Kuyer Metaal by Hans Kirpestein, our technical director. He also manages the Quality Department.

All standards are entered into our ERP system beginning with the calculation so that all departments receive all the information they need for error free delivery. Our quality manager, who has a measuring chamber with certified measuring equipment, guides and supports these processes and regularly conducts internal audits on projects and procedures. What’s more, we work with audited and certified suppliers.

This approach has resulted in an external rejection rate of 1.4%. Should your company have a higher rejection rate, this would activate a procedure for increased control measures on our part until the causes for the rejections have been resolved.

Moreover, our employees participate in training on a regular basis to maintain (increase) their skills. All employees in the welding shop are certified (and undergo regular recertification). We are also an authorised training company. We like to give our employees a good understanding of the customer’s needs and the market from the very beginning.

We would like to invite you to conduct an audit with the Purchase and Quality team at Kuyer Metaal so that you can see our quality system as well as the options for a partnership in the future.