There are 2 different types of product flows in our machining department. One is turning, milling and grinding steel, stainless steel and aluminium, which can be supplied to you as a finished good. Welded products, which you can read about elsewhere on this site, are often finished or equipped with fittings in order to meet the tolerance levels you require. We can also finish your unfinished goods.

The tolerance levels for our turning and milling work are high. These tolerance levels are checked and recorded by our quality department. Our climate-controlled measuring chamber has all the necessary equipment to prove that the products meet the required specifications. (We can supply a measurement report along with the delivery upon request) All machines are calibrated once a year by the proper authorities.

We can/are authorised to restamp materials so that you have proof of authenticity of the substance number of the material. (Please also refer to our pages about quality for further information).

Our products can be found in the following markets and sectors: Military, Off Shore, Food, and in the special machinery building sector.

You can read about the capacity of our (CNC) machining equipment elsewhere on this site. Capabilities include manufacturing products in quantities of 1 and up, and in sizes ranging from 10 to 4000 mm (with the aid of our bed milling machines). We can scan, archive and process your requests digitally in our Tensor 3D CAD system.

The advantage of having a machining department and a welding department in-house is that we can work more efficiently because we can spend less times on logistics. Therefore, we can work faster and more cost-efficiently.

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