Manufacturing / (Sub) Assembly

In order to support your company even further with the procurement process, besides the production methods described elsewhere on this website, we also have the capability to build (supplied) components and (procured) parts to produce a (sub) assembly or piece of machinery. Therefore, we can manage and assume responsibility for the entire process for you, from engineering to assembly.

This process is a part of our Assembly/ Warehouse Department (1500m2), where we can also store procured and produced components. This gives us the capability to take over a large part of the production process off your hands, so that you only have to concentrate on design and placement.

Please see our references for projects we have completed. First of all, the production team and our customer go through a knowledge exchange phase. Then, once a test run has been completed, components are placed in stock and the production work begins.

We can handle both the mechanical and the electronic elements of the work. You also have the option to have our company handle the production of the electronic elements of the project.

A project leader will be assigned to each project, who will manage all aspects of the project until completion. Project meetings will be held if necessary.

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