Procurement Management (also in low-wage countries)

As described in our mission statement, our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your problem. We manage this for 80% with our own production resources that you can read about elsewhere on our site. Your request may also contain services and products that we cannot or do not want to produce in-house. Nevertheless, our organisation can still add them to our products and services package. This allows you to take advantage of our services as a “one stop shop” for your procurement needs. Kuyer Metaal is and remains responsible for the products procured from third parties.

Materials that may be procured elsewhere include Spraying, Galvanisation, Beading, Components, Electrical Discharge Machining, 3D laser work, Long metal folding, Staining, Screen Printing, Cables, punch nibbling, Rotogravure and Forcing. We have structural agreements with the suppliers of these products and services.

We can maintain stock of your products in our warehouse based on call-off contracts.

In order to assist your company even more in terms of the procurement process, in addition to the production methods described elsewhere on this site, we also have the capability to outsource components and services to China under our full management and responsibility. The first series is produced on site in Nijkerk. If this process has progressed to everyone’s satisfaction, we can outsource the components to China for you. The purchase price will be significantly less than the same components produced in Europe. Kuyer Metaal is still responsible for the delivery time (delivery guarantee) and quality.

We monitor the quality of the goods by conducting a receiving inspection and through material certificates. We are also authorised to restamp materials so that your organisation can trace the origin of the material.

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