Sheet Metal

We produce 2D and 3D sheet metal products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our cutting machines, bending machines and rollers are perfect for manufacturing products up to 3000 mm, in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 20 mm.

Additional options for these products are (spot) welding, grinding, screws, forcings, and all plausible surface treatments. The standard procedure is to use automated deburring equipment to remove the sharp edges from the sheet metal in 2D form.

The tolerance levels for our sheet metal are defined in the international DIN ISO 2768 standard. We also use moulds to help us improve our tolerance levels even more. These tolerance levels are checked and recorded by our quality department.

Our products are used in the following markets and industries: Automotive, Rail & infra, Military, Off Shore, Food, and special machinery building.

Delivery times vary between 1 to 4 weeks for products that require laser and bending work. Quantities in a series range from 1 to 1000 (small and medium-sized series). We can scan, archive and process your request in our Solid Edge 3D CAD system.

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