With our 30 welders, we can offer you high welding capacity. We weld products made from steel, stainless steel (RVS 304 and RVS316) and aluminium. Depending on your needs in terms of strength and aesthetics, we have different welding processes available (TIG, MIG and Pulsating). We weld sheet metal (up to a thickness of 15 mm), piping/tubing, circular and rail materials.

We have a welding robot for products that require a long welding time or that have a difficult shape. It contains 3 cells whereby set-up times and man hours do not need to be included in the calculation. Our robot is a good choice for relatively small series from a pricing point of view. Please see the video of our robot elsewhere on our website.

All our welders are certified, and one of them is an intermediate welding engineer. Therefore, we can deliver high quality work. Besides being ISO9001 certified, we are also certified according to the welding standards required for the military (ISO3834 and Din2303) and Rail (ISO3834 and EN15085). We also have the EN1090, which has been required for welding structures since the spring of 2015. Further information about these standards can be found on our Quality pages.

Our products can be found in the following markets: Construction, Automotive, Rail & infra, the Military, Off Shore, Food, and the special machinery building sector.

Delivery times vary between 1 to 4 weeks for products that require welding and spraying work. Quantities in a series range from 1 to 1000 (small and medium-sized series). Stainless steel, aluminium and brass are welded in different departments, separated from the black steel welding work.

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