About us

Kuyer Metaal B.V. is founded in 1971. We are located in Nijkerk where we have been since the company’s inception. The company is directed by the Management Team comprised of Hans Kirpestein (technical director), Karel Keesman (controller) and Arnoud Aalten (general director). The org chart can be downloaded here.

Our company has 65 FTEs and the building has a floor space of about 8000m2. The company generates approx. 8,000,000 Euros in revenues (10% aluminium, 30% stainless steel and 60% black steel production). Most of our revenues are generated in the Netherlands (70%), followed by Germany (20%) and Belgium (10%).

Our mission is to provide a logistics solution that fits your company’s needs. That solution may be a simple component or a complete process from engineering to assembly. We can manage and execute all phases of this process. Each part of the process is explained elsewhere on this site.

Our company’s main business is to supply parts and machinery in sizes 10 to 6000 mm and in series of 1 to a few hundred/thousand to meet each customer’s specifications. We have the tools and equipment in-house for 80% of these services and everything is under one roof. The remaining 20% (spray equipment and components, etc.) are managed by us and Kuyer Metaal assumes responsibility for quality and delivery times in this case as well. We can also procure components for you in China, where we partner with a few suppliers. We also sell our own product under the TRABO label. These are sheet metal products that we sell to the truck industry in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. You can find further information on www.trabo.nl.

Our USPs are the size and scale combined with the wide range of our products and services. We have invested heavily in quality these past few years. Each month we measure delivery reliability (94%) and rejections (1.3%). We hold many welding certifications, which allow us to fulfil the increasing demand for quality, quality guarantees and registration. You can read all about this topic elsewhere on this site.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.