The ISO 3834-2 standard contains a quality assurance system for fusion welding. The ISO 3834-2 provides the details of the extensive quality requirements. The standard includes the requirements for technically evaluating the welding work, such as the welding method qualification, requirements for welders, inspections and non-destructive testing.

The standard also addresses personnel for inspection and testing, maintenance and inspection of welding equipment and traceability, as well as how to identify defects and the relevant follow-up.

As far as the welding work is concerned, the welding consumables, materials storage, heating treatments and the welding process itself are evaluated.

This standard represents an international quality system for welding companies.

Kuyer Metaal has invested in the development of the organisation and its employees based on a clear and specific strategy with the purpose of taking the quality of workmanship to a higher level.

By having earned the ISO 3834-2 certification in 2008, Kuyer Metaal can give its customers the assurance that a welded product fulfils the requirements. Selecting suppliers that are only ISO 9001 certified does not provide any assurance about the welded joints, therefore, clients of welded products are requiring NEN-EN-ISO 3834 certification more and more frequently.

The ISO-3834 standard ensures that a welding company completes its welding work at a higher level of quality because procedures and processes are prescribed, recorded and tested.

There are three levels of certification:

ISO 3834-2: Extensive quality requirements: the company is a leader in the welding industry. Kuyer Metaal is certified according to this standard.

ISO 3834-3: Standard quality requirements: the company shows that it meets the welding requirements.

ISO 3834-4: Elementary quality requirements: the company fulfils the basic welding technology requirements.

A company that is ISO 3834 certified works under the stringent oversight of an accredited, independent quality assurance authority. In the case of Kuyer Metaal, this is Lloyds Register LRQA.

This authority conducts frequent audits to monitor established procedures and to make corrections where necessary.

Therefore, it is important to order welding products from a company that is ISO 3834 certified.

Download the Certificate ISO 3834-2 here.

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