Restamping authorisation

Restamping authorisation for 3.1 certificates has been held by Kuyer Metaal for a long time now. Kuyer Metaal maintains high stock levels of sheet metal materials in a variety of different qualities. When processing these materials for customers, the products are provided with the required documents and markings (original manufacturing data) upon request. This means that the certificate and your products contain the Kuyer Metaal stamp, the quality mark and the charge number, thus guaranteeing traceability of the material qualities.

Material processing according to established processes for using laser cutting technology to cut different materials has been documented in procedures. From an ISO9001:2008 perspective, continuous improvement is a central theme at Kuyer Metaal when it comes to procedures, procedures and working methods.

A company with restamping authorisation works under the stringent oversight of an accredited, independent quality assurance authority. In the case of Kuyer Metaal, this is Lloyds Register LRQA.

This authority conducts frequent audits to monitor established procedures and to make corrections where necessary.

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